War of the Worlds:

H G Wells' War of the Worlds meets the world of A Wrong Turn?

Martian faction

  • is based on the Lakota.
  • Martian cities are actually landing sites for new units which are all built from cities.
  • Build tilesets: a, k, e, t, m, n, i, u, s.
  • Theoretically we can introduce a Martian faction to A Wrong Turn.

No buildings for Martians other than the cylinder pad, and others.

Martians get the following technologies:

  • Attrition 1,2,3,4
  • SIGINT 3
  • Knowledge


  • Terminus - the upgrade of a Martian city. Martians don't get the large city or metropolis, they instead get a Terminus which genereates +1 knowledge.
  • The Terminus allows for the construction of Martian units being,
    • Slaves - based off 1919 ed of Selenites. Selenites are poorly adapted to earth and are easily destroyed.
    • Handling machines - a melee-based contraption, able to function as a supply truck. Handling machines are quite resistant to human attacks.
    • The Terminus is quite powerful and can function as a fortress, so Martians don't need any defensive structures.
  • forward command post - replaces the senate, detects units and trains
    • Pioneers - the main frontline unit of the Martians. Pioneers are tentacled units with the ability to launch a short-ranged, psi-based attack which can kill humans and damage vehicles, but take a long time to be trained due to the lack of manpower the Martians.
    • Seeker droid - a fast-moving, unarmed aerial probe. Martians have no commando units. The Seeker Droid can be upgraded to the Silver Sphere.
  • synthesiser - fancier name for market. the Synthesiser can be used to create explorer droids, which are the Martian version of an armed merchant. The synthesiser is also used to construct Scout tripods, Light Tripods
  • Mine - as in humans. Mines are operated by Selenite miners.
  • Factory: constructs the following units:
    • Assault tripods - heavily armoued siege unit, capable of using powerful lasers to outrange most other units.
    • Sentinel tripods - functions as a mobile detector, and anti-aircraft battery.

Hints when playing the Martians

  • food is required to keep your slaves going. Build as many slaves possible to keep your economy going.
  • because you can build terminii everywhere, always upgrade your civics as quickly as possible in order to construct new buildings.

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