The Trans-Sahelian campaign might well be the most difficult, because of your starting position and the fact that you are surrounded by many hostile minor nations, as well as one minor power in the form of Zuidafrika. An alliance or possibly a non-aggression pact to stave off Jihadia and the Empire from threatening your borders is very much a feasible prospect, but in the case of Jihadia, it will not come cheaply.

CtW ObjectivesEdit

Outlive the following factions:


  • Construct a Space Programme wonder in any territory.

Initial startupEdit

  • AlliedMozambique
  • AtwarSalviatie (paix) - 6 ZAAngola , Gabon
  • Bonus: Traitors, Wealth Boom
  • Tribute: 50
  • Territory: Kampala (capital, level 4)