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CtW guideEdit

In the Global Supremacy campaign, the Tibetans are depicted as a buffer state maintained in alliance with 4 different factions, thus ensuring that they won't be attacked that quickly.


Initial startupEdit

  • Allies: Vidalia, ESL, Jihadia, SAO
  • Territory:
    • Daitenka
      • Tentai-Zu (capital, level 6)
      • Tokyo (level 5)
      • Peking (level 5)
      • Canton (level2)
      • Nanking (level 2)
      • Busan (level 3)
    • Indomalaya
      • Delhi (vassal, level 5)
      • Shonan (level 3)
    • Polystralia
      • Bandar Sri Begawan (vassal, level 2)
      • Karaibiri (level 2)
      • Canberra (vassal, level 3)
    • Bananistan
      • Antinanaviro (level 1)
  • Tribute: 50

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