"All along the many Vidalian-Jihadian wars, the Federal Intelligence Service operatives have generously distributed thousand of personal ground-to-air "Stinger" missiles to Jihadian mujahideen. Although they proved extremely efficient, it is now current to see these weapons turned against their former owners. They are weaker than the heavier anti-aircraft weapons other armies field, but also a lot less expensive."

In gameEdit


Stinger Mujahideen — Vital statistics

Mjhdn 96-sting
  • Anti-materiel missile infantry specialised in attacking vehicles and aircraft alike.
  • 7e.
  • nto the fray.
Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
  • Armsdeal Militiae
155 20 39 2.3s
Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Nahrung: 80;
Metall: 40
Nahrung: 16;
Metall: 8
1 Factory 1 13 Anti-vehicle, anti-air

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