Perched on the rooftops of the world, the Sacred Empire of Tibet is fairly isolated from the eight great superstates of the world but in recent years has become a pivotal player in the politics of Central Asia.

Although it is seen by many as a mystical Shangri-La ruled by its leader, the Dalai Lama, and untouched by the war and strife which has engulfed other areas of the world, in reality Tibet is a police state. The Dalai Lama may reign, but it is the Senior General Basam Damdu who rules Tibet with an iron hand - and perhaps rightfully so. With its central position between the Workers' Republic of Vidalia, the Celestial Empire of the Eternal Rising Sun, and the Jihadian Caliphate based in the Middle East, Tibet has survived so long only by virtue of the major factions choosing to use Tibet as a buffer zone between their home turf and that of their neighbours....whenever it suited them, that is. Nevertheless