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Rb gran

Republica Bolivarian (RB);
Bolivarian Republic;
Motto: "Nuestro Pan, Nuestra Libertad, Nuestra Prosperidad"

("Our bread, our liberty, our prosperity", official)
iVaya con Dios!
("God be with us!", usual)



Historical establishment

  • 1876 (based on local sources)
  • c1919 (de facto)


  • Countless south American republics

Government ideology

  • Bolivarismo libre
  • Right-wing Catholicism


Junta para la Sigüenza
(Security Council),
currently headed by generalissimo Alfonso Lope Ramirez y Tapioca
(Federal Services suspect that the real ruler is Colonel Esponja)


4 million


2.8m sq km

Official languages


National anthem



Annexed by Vidalist Union

The Republica Bolivariana have the power of Bolivarismo (replaces Romans?)

Game infoEdit

National Bonuses:

  • May build one more city beyond the normal limit, bonus city begin with 1st civics upgrade
  • Double population limit per military technology, up to 25% above maximum game limit
  • Barrack units and citizens move 25% faster
  • Unit upgrades do not require military research

Unique units :

Experimental unit: 

  • Velvetclaw Kbot
  • Scout  Tripod Coat of Arms of SA for UKtS!

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