"Mobile Infantry is well-protected, for the Federal Council does its best to have all the boys making it back home alive. With their kevlar vests sponsored by KFC® in a touching demonstration of patriotism and its ability to entrench automatically after being idle for a short time, the Mobile Infantry can take on everything the enemies of the Federation will throw at them. Service guarantees citizenship!"

In gameEdit

Mobinf icon

Mobile Infantry — Vital statistics

Mobinf 96
  • Heavily armoured grunt unit that can entrench if not moving, but is highly vulnerable if moving.
Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
  • Armsdeal Militiae
180 15 28 2.1s
Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Nahrung: 70;
Holz: 60
Nahrung: 1;
Holz: 1
1 Barracks 5 14
  • Anti-infantry
  • Capable of entrenching if idle for 5 seconds.

Overall strategyEdit

In contrast to their name, Mobile Infantry are nowhere near as mobile or fast as their name suggests, for they tend to share the same movement speed with other infantry units. What they do have however is fairly good armour and HP scores as well as the ability to entrench themselves if idle for five seconds, making them ideal, not as their name suggests, as a fast attacker, but in holding their ground until new units arrive on the scene. This is not a game winner, but a unit that does best in static warfare, so long as it is accompanied by proper support, be it in the form of a healer or long-range arty.


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