A9M5 ToraA Wrong Turn WikiAjamid Sultanate of the Maghreb
Akula-class submarineAkuma stealth bomberAllah's Martyrs
Ametralladora PesadaArg 655F "Stürmer"Armoured Cavalry
Asian recruitsAtlantic FederationAtlantic Federation/CtW
Atlas/EurasiaAtlas/Northern OceaniaAtlas/Southern Oceania
Atomic BattleshipB-52 Strategic BomberBedouin raiders
British CommonwealthBuildingsCelestial and Eternal Empire of the Rising Sun
Celestial and Eternal Empire of the Rising Sun/CtWChild soldiersCommunity of Free Nations of Europe
De Castelo's ArmyDragon-class Super Heavy TankEuropean Brotherhood
F-15F-16 fighter jetFactions
Factions/OverviewFactions/Tribe maskFenix AT missile
Foreign mercenariesFourth Great Northern WarGerman Empire
Global Supremacy campaignGoldstein BrigadeGoldstein Brigade/CtW
Great BritainGreat Salviatian StaatGreat Salviatian Staat/CtW
Ground Attack PlaneGun TruckH-7 Karitori MRL
Hinode-class CruiserHumvee armoured vehicleImam
IncendiarosJihadian CaliphateJihadian Caliphate/CtW
KGV agentKa-68 attack helicopterKaiserstiger
KatyushaKhan BaarLV-43 Main Battle Tank
LV-X siege tankLa-57 fighter jetLord's Resistance Army
Loro scout helicopterM1 "Abrams" Main Battle TankMacCarthy-class destroyer
Malayan LeagueMartian Horde/CtWMartyrs
Mobile InfantryMujahideenMwuaji
National GuardNova RomaNuclear Aircraft Carrier
Nyuki assault jetPacific Independence and Reform EntenteRPG Mujahideen
Republica BolivarianaRevenantsRoyal guard riflemen
Ryu Jet Fighter BomberSS-TruppenSS Truppen
Sacred Empire of TibetSalvjugend squadSecond American Civil War
ShinobiShinte Altan OrduSimba AFV
Stinger MujahideenSwala IFVTP-27 "Caíman"
Task Force 141TechnicalTechnologies and upgrades
Technology treeTerrestial Twilight campaignTibetan Empire/CtW
Timeline of eventsTimeline of modern history (1914-1929)Timeline of modern history (1930-1939)
Timeline of modern history (1940-1949)Timeline of modern history (1950-1959)Timeline of modern history (1960-1977)
United Kingdom of Trans-SaheliaUnited Kingdom of Trans-Sahelia/CtWUnited Kingdom of Trans-Sahelia/CtW/Global Supremacy
United Kingdom of Trans-Sahelia/CtW/Terrestrial TwilightUtsubo robot submarineVidalian Marines
War of the Angolan SuccessionWorkers' Armed ForcesWorkers' Republic of Vidalia

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