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Faction info CtW info
Goldstein Brigade;
Socialist Workers' Union of America;
North American Free Workers' Brigade

Known areas of activity

  • Baja peninsula, Pacific Coast
  • Monterrey cantonment, Pan-Caribbean
  • Polystralia




  • Emanuel Goldstein (de jure)


FederationFlag; Liz029SRS 292352156

Supported ideologies

  • Democratic Vidalism
  • Labour rights
  • Gender equality




Suspected links to KGV, New Golden Horde and Junta para la Sigüenza



The Goldstein Brigade have the power of ...

Game InfoEdit

Governments: Free
National Bonuses: (possible)

  • .....

Unique units muster:

Suggestions and spoilersEdit

Faction summaryEdit

  • ....


  • Emmanuel Goldstein
  • Hoffie Abman
  • Clarisse McClellan
  • Rose Sparks
  • Marvin Konig
  • Huey Newton
  • Bug Dakey

Tech tree:
(needs a graphic)


The Goldstein Brigade is a rebel outfit which is thought to be active throughout areas near to or within Federal control, and seek to liberate the masses of humanity from the tyranny of "capitalism, wage slavery and bosses", and has its origins from the Second American Civil War that broke out following the near-disintegration of the United States of America in the turbulent 30s. Led by the charismatic but elusive Emmanuel Goldstein after whom it is named, the Goldstein Brigade is a relatively well-equipped and well-organised paramilitary group which has its base in the Baja cantonment, but also has various cells scattered throughout Oceania.

The early yearsEdit

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