Playable factions:

  • Salviatia
  • KtS
  • SAO
  • Vidalia
  • Empire
  • Federation
  • Bolivaria
  • Jihadia

Quest: for Salviatia, control any one of the three areas of Africa (Sahara, Bananistan and Trans-Sahelia) in 5 turns or less to ally with Bolivaria and ensure you don't need to eliminate Bolivaria and Atlantic Fed to win.

Quest: for SAO: destroy Tentai-Zu in 5 turns or less to secure alliance with Vidalia and Jihadia, to ensure you don;'t need to eliminat them to win.

Quest: build a space program in any supply centre to win.

Quest for ESL: We have several issues with our client states, and the Council of Shoguns wants to rationalise them. Do we - rationalise them? agglomerates all clients into the Indo-African Prosperity Sphere (India claims everyone, gets a +4 power modifier) or do we nationalise them? (inducted into Empire, gain 200 tribute, but makes attitude of UKtS and Federation implacable - can't get peace with them.)

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