Name Tribe mask code BHG original
LRA 100000000000000000000000 Persians
Federation 010000000000000000000000 Dutch
mozambique 001000000000000000000000 Indians
Empire 000100000000000000000000 Americans
emirates 000010000000000000000000 Lakota
FEPS 000001000000000000000000 Iroquois
De Castelo 000000100000000000000000 Mongols
Australia 000000010000000000000000 Koreans
angola 000000001000000000000000 Japanese
Jihadia 000000000100000000000000 Chinese
Vidalia 000000000010000000000000 Russians
Salviatia 000000000001000000000000 Germans
gabon 000000000000100000000000 British
Morocco 000000000000010000000000 French
Bolivaria 000000000000001000000000 Spanish
martians 000000000000000100000000 Turks
KtS 000000000000000010000000 Egyptians
nova roma 000000000000000001000000 Romans
Goldstein 000000000000000000100000 Greeks
Malays 000000000000000000010000 Nubians
India 000000000000000000001000 Bantu
South Africa 000000000000000000000100 Inca
Tibet 000000000000000000000010 Maya
New Golden Horde 000000000000000000000001 Aztecs

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