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Liz029SRS 292352156

Global SupremacyEdit

CtW guideEdit

Thanks to its leaders' prudence and foresight, the Empire controls a vast and sprawling area, ranging from the Northern Chinese Desert all the way down to the South Pole, as well as vast reserves of manpower at its disposal. This would not be an issue but for the fact that the Empire is surrounded by enemies on all sides — the Federation in the south, the SAO from the north, while the Vidalists and Jihadians threaten the Empire's Indian vassals.

The only good news is that due to various pacts, the Himalayas — controlled by Tibet — have been designated as a buffer zone between the various factions, thus preventing the Empire from being overwhelmed by an assault in triplicate in any given region on the Asian mainland. CtW Objectives

  • Outlive the following factions:
  • Construct a Space Programme wonder in any territory.

Initial startupEdit

  • Allied: Tibet
  • AtwarSao flag
  • Vassals: Liz029SRS 292360037, Royal India, Malay league
  • Tribute: 50
  • Territory:
    • Daitenka
      • Tentai-Zu (capital, level 6)
      • Tokyo (level 5)
      • Peking (level 5)
      • Canton (level2)
      • Nanking (level 2)
      • Busan (level 3)
    • Indomalaya
      • Delhi (vassal, level 5)
      • Shonan (level 3)
    • Polystralia
      • Bandar Sri Begawan (vassal, level 2)
      • Karaibiri (level 2)
      • Canberra (vassal, level 3)
    • Bananistan
      • Antinanaviro (level 1)

Rout of CivilisationEdit

In this one, you are severely reduced in size thanks to Martian activity. Your vassals are being attacked by PIRE, and so most of the territories around you are at war. To make matters worse, you are at was with Vidalia and the New Golden Horde, and soon will be attacked by the aliens who have seized parts of Asia and Australia.

The first thing you need to do is to buy peace with the SAO. Doing so will ensure you will have a free hand to restore order in Eastasia. Once this is done, you can then prepare for the onslaught of the Martians. It will not be easy.

CtW objectivesEdit

Destroy all hostile factions.

Initial startup

  • Enemies: SAO, ROV, Martians
  • Tribute: 50


  • Daitenka
    • Tentai-Zu (capital, level 6)
    • Tokyo (level 5)
    • Busan (level 3)
  • Siberia
    • Aleksandrovsk (level 1)