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Celestial and Eternal Empire of the Rising Sun; Meiji dynasty

Seal of the Shoguns



Historical establishment



  • Empire of Japan
  • Celestial Xinyuan Empire
  • British Commonwealth
  • Free Malay League
  • Republic of France
  • German Empire
  • Dominion of Australia
  • Peoples' Republic of Irkutsk
  • Federation of the Sultanates of Free Malaya.
  • People's Republic of Mongolia

(Indian Confederacy remains nominally independent)

Government ideology

Enlightened technocratic monarchy

Head of state

Emperor Kayakashii




~5m sq km (frequently varies)

Official languages

  • Japanese (official)
  • English (lingua franca status in India and Australia)
  • Chinese (lingua franca status throughout Southest Asia)

National anthem

"Fujisan de no hanayaka na yoake"


Succeeded by:

The Empire of the Rising Sun have the Power of Destiny (Innovation; replacing Americans?)

Game infoEdit

Nation powersEdit

  • First Monument is built instantly, excluding Space Programme or Supercollider projects
  • Aircraft and Carriers are 33% cheaper
  • Start with 1 Science Tech Already Researched
  • Recieve three free Scholars whenever a new University is Built
  • Military Ground Units Upgrade 25% cheaper

Unique units musterEdit

Experimental unit: Robot Swarm

Suggestions and spoilersEdit

Faction summaryEdit

  • the Vidaliaians enjoy many cheap units, one of the best navys in the world and the worst airforce.


  • Admiral Yamamoto
  • General Tojo</LEADER>
  • Colonel Olrik
  • Admiral Nagano
  • General Shibasaki
  • Commander Mukai
  • Shogun Basam-Tamdu
  • General Kuribayashi

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