Rebels are sub-sub-factions which all fight against the established authorities in an effort to bring political change to their sphere of existence, and are comprised of groups of humans from all different walks of life, social station and geocultural experience. While some of them are heavily militarised such as the de Castelo Army, and others are more of an intellectually-inclined dissident group such as PIRE, one thing remains for certain: they remain a thorn in the flesh of many of the eight great factions which dominate their homelands. The Goldstein Brigade, a Vidalist revolutionary movement throughout Oceania, is known to have received resources and training from KGV agents and has retirees from the old Vidalian Naval Infantry squadrons with them, while others such as PIRE in Asia are suspected to have ties to the Atlantic Federation's security services.

CtW appearanceEdit

Generally speaking:

  • A rebel faction, unlike others, often has to rely on stealth and subterfuge. Thus, their national bonuses will reflect this. The Lord's Resistance Army may often choose human wave tactics (based off vanilla China) while the FEpS player might have the ability to obtain wealth without trade (like the Inca from vanilla RoN).
  • Each continent hosts a rebel faction. Thus for Northern Oceania, there is the Goldstein Brigade; for Eurasia, the FEpS; for Eastasia, PIRE; for Africa, the Lord's Resistance Army and in Southern Oceania, the de Castelo Army.
  • Rebels have the same land vehicles as the Golden Horde, but with one exception - they also host the ageing LV-19. Thus, any Horde player approaching a rebel faction will need to be careful with land battles against the Rebels.
  • Rebel infantry are based on a mixture of different faction, but are seldom good. For instance, the Lord's Resistance Army has the ability to recruit child soldiers, while the Goldstein Brigade will often sport renegade Federal units and the FEpS has renegade Salvjugend armed with the old Panzerfaust antitank rocket.
  • Rebels are unable to create heavy ships and/or aircraft, and must make do with light destroyers and submarines.

Thus, one of the ways A Wrong Turn could truly pose a challenge would be through playing a rebel faction against a major faction (or even one of the weaker factions such as Tibet or Morocco).

Common rebel unitsEdit

  • Child soldiers (LRA)
  • LV-19 (universal, given the proliferation of Vidalian arms worldwide)
  • SalvJugend deserters (FEpS)
  • Incendiarios (de Castelo Army)
  • Hardened veterans (de Castelo Army)
  • Common riflemen?
  • Bazooka?

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