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Marginal Defeat!Edit

"For all your dedication, resolve and zeal, your unwise excesses have brought your nation to the brink of economic apocalypse. Whether you survive this war or not remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: you have been deposed and your people, starving and prostrate, now face a new age of darkness as the thrall of a greater power on earth."

For Vidalia:

"Despite the age-old resolve of its ancient people and the fiery rhetoric of pan-global liberation for all, the Workers' Republic of Vidalia has failed to deliver its promises. Worn out and hungry, the workers this time have decided to end the war on their terms, not on those of their self-described leaders."


"After a valiant defence, your nation was overcome in an apocalyptic final battle. Although you fought bravely, the enemy has carried the day. Your people wait for you to rise from the ashes and make another attempt to conquer the world."

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