Southern Oceania, also known originally as "South America" (and at one point in time "Gran Bolivia" is a land of stark contrasts, alternating between the jungle-clad Andes, and scrubland in its northern, southern and eastern provinces. In this land, the Bolivarian Republic is locked in a titanic struggle with two enemies: the "liberationist" forces of the (marginally less) bloodthirsty warlord de Castelo, and the Atlantic Federation, whose ruling plutocrats, the Oceanic General Retailers' Executive, have designs on this part of the world because of its proximity to the Federal hinterland, its natural resources (second in the world, after Eastasia), and also the Bolivarian's obsession with resolving the dialectic struggle between Vidalism and a harmonious manner.


Bolivaria consists of what was once the northern half of South America. It is ruled by a consortion of military officers called the Junta para la Sigüenza who function as judge, jury and executioner — with added relish on that last part. The activities of Bolivaria have stripped almost the entire Amazon bare, rendering it into fertile farmland, but leaving many other areas impoverished as a result of overexploitation for the war effort in faraway Africa.

Region: Bolivaria

Bonus Tribute Rare Wonder
Tapiocapolis y Las Dopocos 20 People's "Palace"
Prison Central
Brasilia Boom —
Bogota Partisans
Caracas Boom —
Manaus Intelligence
Factions: Occupied by Jihadia, except for Kumayri.



Remote and nearly isolated from the conflicts boiling in the world's oceans, Patagonia has seen increased urbanisation and human settlement as other parts of Southern Oceania become degraded from overexploitation or war.

Region: Patagonia

Bonus Tribute Rare Supply Centre
Valparaiso Silber-erz
Mendoza Partisans
Buenos Aires Population
Factions: Occupied by Jihadia, except for Kumayri.



Consisting primarily of Australia and surrounding insular territories, Polystralia represents the largest and most prosperous component of the Empire's overseas colonies. Because of its size and an uneasy peace with the Atlantic Federation, who were the former masters of these lands, Polystralia itself is relatively prosperous in comparison with other parts of the world at large.

Region: Polystralia

Bonus Tribute Rare Supply Centre
Canberra Eureka —
20 Wein Available
Kalbarri Informants 10


Hobart Boom —
Auckland Spy
Bandar Seri Begawan Treachery Gummi Available
Factions: Occupied by ESL, except for Hobart and Auckland which are FED-controlled.


In these arid mountains are locked some of the world's last remaining mineral deposits which have not been thoroughly exhausted by the ongoing struggles of the world's eight powers. Even so, the abuses and chaos within the Bolivarian Republic have only exacerbated the destruction of this land's environment, leaving it only marginally habitable for the slave labour employed by the Bolivarians for its mining operations here.

Region: Andes

Bonus Tribute Rare Wonder
Lima Boom —
5 Industrial Complex:
"The Devil's Hole"
La Paz Salz
Guayaquil Political
Factions: Occupied by RB


Region: Eastern Arctic

Bonus Tribute Rare Supply Centre
Miami 20 Available
Monterrey Treachery
Ciudad de Mexico 5 Copper
Managua Partisans 10
Havana Spy Network 5
Factions: Fed controls Miami and Monterrey, rest belongs to RB