By and large, Eastasia consists roughly the eastern half of the Asian continent, comprising almost a quarter of the globe's land surface as well as a population density high enough to match hits position. Conflict in Eastasia has been kept down mostly to a minimum, although the north is heavily embroiled in wars between various regional players. Eastasia is home to several nations: Tibet; Shinte Altan Ordu (the New Golden Horde); the Celestial and Eternal Empire of the Rising Sun; and its two tributaries: the Indian Confederacy, and the Malayan Federation. Eastasia is known for hosting a good part of the world's population, and, despite the ravages of climate change and frequent conflict, a great number of natural resources.

Middle EastEdit

Region: Middle East

Bonus Tribute Rare Supply Centre
Yerevan Boom —
15 Kupfer-erz Available
Baghdad 5
Muscat Marque
Riyadh Missionaries
Esfahan 10
Factions: Occupied by Jihadia, except for Kumayri.


Called the "Greater Area Under Heaven" in Japanese, Daitenka comprises the core of the Celestial Empire of the Rising Sun stretching over mainland China and the Japanese archipelago. Although the ethnic Japanese-dominated Empire considers itself to be the rightful ruler of these lands, the Pacific Independence and Reform Entente, the local insurgent group, chooses to think otherwise.

Region: Hellas

Bonus Tribute Rare Wonder
Tentai-Zu 70 The Dictator's Palace:
Shogun's castle
Tokyo Eureka —
60 Oil Complex:
Plasma energy research facility
Canton Political
Nanking Warpath Aluminum
Peking Boom —
30 Kohle Fortified Line:
Baotou Outpost
Busan Logistics
Factions: ESL controls all


Region: Hellas

Bonus Tribute Rare Supply Centre
Urga Warpath Kupfer-erz
Buxara Logistics
Chelyabinsk Political
20 Uranium-erz
Factions: These areas are devastated, with the exception of Chelyabinsk which is in ROV hands, and Buxara which is ruled by Jihadia.


Region: Indomalaya

Bonus Tribute Rare Supply Centre
Delhi Population
25 Available
Lhasa Mercenaries 10 Available
Islamabad Political
Shonan Partisans 10
Factions: Empire controls all, except for Lhasa which is independent, and Islamabad which is ruled by Jihadia

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