In this corner of the world, much untold suffering and privations goes on daily under the uncaring sky, as several smaller nations vie with one another for supremacy, but among all, one stands out among the rest: the United Kingdom of Trans-Sahelia. Although it is by far the continent's strongest regional power, thanks to its command of natural riches and its alliance with the Empire and the Caliphate, Trans-Sahelian control is still tenuous, and a long road to total dominance, if not global conquest, remains for the nation and its fledgling ruler, House Bananius.


The northern half of Africa remains almost the same as it has always been ever since the dawn of civilisation. There is almost no proper infrastructure in place beyond the territory of Iskandarriyah, we will have to build up the foritification strength of our forces here if we are to mount an effective campaign in this region.

Region: Sahara

Bonus Tribute Rare Supply Centre
Atlas Available
Iskandarriyah Trade
Tripoli Partisans 15
N'djamena Baumwolle

Jihadia controls all, except for N'djamena and Atlas.


Region: Trans-Sahelia

Bonus Tribute Rare Wonder
Juba Bandits 5
Yeha Treachery 5
Bangui Mercenaries
Libreville Treachery
El Aioun Bandits 5
Factions: SPQR: capital located at Achaea


What started off as a perjorative joke shared between Jihadian officials and Salviatian soldiers during a brief interlude of peace soon became a name for the southern half of Africa, which due to its isolation has been allowed to become fairly prosperous through isolation. Such prosperity has a price, however, and the name Bananistan refers to the areas which House Bananius believes it is their destiny to be ruled under the aegis of one great African family.

Region: Bananistan

Bonus Tribute Rare Supply Centre
Johannesburg Boom —
Diamanten Available
Maputo 20
Luanda Treachery 10 Available
Gaborone 15 Korn
Antinanaviro 5
Factions: Only Nairobi is under TS control, ESL thought to control Antinanaviro, and RB Luanda.